Hey LTA Club!

My name is Mitchell Mullins. I’m an 18 year old filmmaker/photographer living in the United States. Every free second I get I am exploring, traveling, and working on new films for my YouTube Channel. Recently, a friend and I decided to take one last trip together before parting ways for college. We decided on Canada, more specifically, Banff National Park. Being drawn to the enormous mountain ranges and its beautiful turquoise lakes. After a dozen Starbucks meetings, packing, and working out the details, we departed on our flight to Canada. Having just returned from the trip, here are a few of my favorite attractions from the park. Note that because our trip was based on a student budget a few of our ventures may have been limited due to transportation.

Regardless, here is my top 5.

#5 Sulfur Mountain Gondola Sulfur Mountain is located just outside the city of Banff. With a short little drive to the base of the mountain. You load onto a gondola that takes you all the way up the mountain. The gondolas have windows on all sides. Giving anyone a spectacular view of the mountain range. After reaching the top, there is a short walk along a wooden walkway to the summit of the mountain. At 2,451 m (8,041 ft) you get a 360-degree view of the landscape. Highly recommend this attraction to anyone looking for a view!


#4 Johnston Canyon Johnston Canyon is on my list because its unique hike and abundance of waterfalls. The hike starts on a suspended walkway mounted to the sides of the canyon. Looking down, you see the river flowing through the canyon 50 feet below. The trail then splits off into many different beautiful waterfalls. I highly recommend trying to see as many as possible.


#3 Plain of Six Glacier Trail & The Teahouse Plain of Six Glacier trail was by far my favorite trail in the park. It starts at the front of Lake Louise and makes its way around the lake and off into the glaciers that feed the lake. Around the 6 kilometer mark into the hike there is a teahouse. The teahouse is run by a staff that lives there for weeks at a time! One person from the crew hikes down and back every morning to gather food supplies for the day. If I could make one suggestion, I would recommend the berry berry tea and the soup of the day.


#2 Lake Moraine Lake Moraine, by far my favorite lake, is a short drive up a one way road from Lake Louise. The lake itself is surrounded by 10 towering mountain peaks, hence the name “Valley of the Ten Peaks”. The lake is famous for having its unreal turquoise color. Which I learned derives from the clay deposits surrounding the lake. There are two amazing views of this lake. The first comes from climbing the rock pile directly at the front of the lake. Secondly, renting a canoe to venture out onto the lake and explore the trails was my favorite part of the day.




#1 Devils Thumb Devils Thumb was by far my favorite experience of the entire trip. Its one of the highest accessible overlooks to Lake Louise. It was a 4 hour hike from trailhead to summit with the last 500 feet being a scramble to the top without a definite trail. Once on top of the mountain the view was unbeatable.




If you want to follow along my journey I vlogged the entire trip and made a film highlighting my favorite moments of our adventure. Hope you all enjoy! Now get out there and live your adventure!

Canada Vlogs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiz5iqrJqb74TwU3rHK84VZzuxH2P4on1

Canada Film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cr6n6S_sxM

YouTube: Mitchell Mullins

Instagram: @mitchell_mullins