Hey LTA Family!

I know most of you would have been watching Louis’ Vlogs from North Korea and the criticism he has received. Louis has responded and if you haven’t had a chance to watch it, check it out here | MY RESPONSE…

As the LTA Family let’s respond with love and support LNK Ministries by purchasing the song from iTunes. 100% of the sales go to building wells & aid in North Korea! I’ve literally had it on repeat for the last hour – its CATCHY! Tweet me when you’ve purchased the song and let’s chat! @livetheadvnture




1st Music video from North Korea – Surfin’ in the DPRK – Lancifer x Louis Cole x Miss Kim

Buy the song here! http://itunes.apple.com/album/id11441… 100% of iTunes sales go to building wells & aid in North Korea http://lnkministries.org/


This was a spontaneous video we had the idea for whilst on our trip to North Korea (DPRK) to surf and skateboard with the people. We went to break down barriers that separate us from the human beings that we all are. We did not plan to make a music video beforehand. It was not staged or in any way funded by the DPRK government. Our intent with this video is to show what we experienced as a true collaboration, with the hope that somehow it can lead to a positive change and be a voice for the people of North Korea. We made it with our new friends. We believe that what we experienced and the making of this video are positive signs that these barriers were at least to some extent, broken down during our time there. We are all making history together by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and what’s never been done before, from the music video to the promotion of unification in the midst of division.