Hi guys, Life Pro Nico here.


I have perfected 5 steps to success to hack your hotel stay at an awesome price, in the right area and maybe a few extras thrown in too. Like all of us, I love to travel. I dig the hostel vibe, but sometimes a hotel is a must!


Step 1: TripAdvisor


I always start with TripAdvisor for my hotel stays. Tripadvisor’s default search results show results based on ‘Just for you’, which isn’t the best. The key to success is to click on ‘ranking’ to filter the search results. On the left column select your style. Planning a romantic trip? Want to be surrounded by nature? Fancy a bit of luxury?


Two or three choices works well here. Once you have chosen, TripAdvisor will refresh the search results to reflect your personal style. Choose a few hotels you like the look of and write their names down – you’ll need these later!


TIP: Another great feature of TripAdvisor is their destination forums. These allow you to post and ask specific questions about your trip. When I can’t decide between two hotels, I often ask the community, who usually come up with the right choice!




Step 2: Airbnb Neighbourhoods


Airbnb Neighbourhoods is a new favourite! Select your city and the local neighbourhoods will be listed. The travel tips and suggestions on where to go to drink, eat and get cultured in each ‘hood are second to none. They are curated by local hosts and the photography gives me serious travel envy!


This gives a local’s view of any neighbourhood in your chosen city. I use it to get a feel for the different areas and choose one based on my interests. I don’t want to be schlepping across town to get to the awesome coffee spot I want to have breakfast in, so I’ll use this to hack which area is best to stay in.


TIP: This is a perfect time to actually search Airbnb. Airbnb is the future of accommodation for me, the only issue is I plan my trips one month in advance, so by the time I search, the best ranked places are gone!




Step 3: Trivago


After the first 2 steps, you should now have a couple of hotels that fit your style, budget and are in the right area for you. Now. let’s get you the best possible price!


Head to Trivago, the ultimate hotel website. In seconds, Trivago will search over 250 hotel booking websites to bring you the best prices on the internet!


Type in the hotel’s name to save time scrolling through the search results. Do this with all of the hotels on your list until you have the best prices for each one.


Sometimes the cheapest price is with an unknown booking site. For peace of mind, Google their name + ‘reviews’ and check out how they are doing. If you’re not convinced, go with the next best price with a provider you trust.


TIP: Once you have found a hotel you like with a price to match, Google the name of the booking site + ‘promo code’ + the month and year. For example, ‘Booking.com promo code September 2016’. This more often than not will give you a code for 10% or 20% off your hotel booking! Winner.   




Step 4: Direct


Before you book through Trivago, make sure you look direct! Search the hotel’s website for prices and if they are better, then book direct. If not, and time is on your side – email the hotel directly for a better rate.


Hotels often give discounts for various reasons. Try: ‘I’m a blogger / vlogger / journalist or it’s my birthday / anniversary or I’m a local / student or just ask nicely! I can’t begin to tell you how many comped nights and discounts I’ve snagged using this. Don’t lie though, that’s not cool 🙂


Step 5: Book it


Wait! Before you book, I’ve one last step to securing the perfect room type.


Head back to TripAdvisor, and your chosen hotel’s page. Click ‘more’ then ‘room tips’.


A quick scan here will give tips on which room type to book. You might find that the top 2 floors are ‘Club Level’ rooms, with better amenities and free drinks or breakfast. I often find that a slightly more expensive room, gives a better added value than the standard room. The flip side here is sometimes hotels are renovating and the room tips will let you know what floor to request you steer clear from.


TIP: Once you have booked, don’t forget to email the hotel directly with some pre-arrival special requests. Fancy a fruit platter on arrival? Want to be addressed by your surname only? Don’t want anyone to look you directly in the eyes? Now is the time to let front of house or your concierge know, you diva!




I usually use this tip to email the hotel’s concierge to request sports tickets, restaurant reservations and local knowledge on what’s good and close by in the neighbourhood – a huge time saver. You also then know the concierge on a first name basis before you’ve even arrived!


Well guys, they are my 5 steps to hacking your hotel stay! I hope you enjoyed and look forward to connecting with you below.


To see the vlog of this blog, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6y0Q5-HfBBo



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