A Quick Introduction: Hey LTA Club! We’re Kara and Nate. We are full-time travelers sharing our adventures through daily vlogs on YouTube! 

We tend to travel pretty quickly rarely spending more than a week or two in the same country. In order to make traveling easier and more enjoyable we’ve become really good at traveling light. In fact, we only travel with one carry on bag each plus a small backpack for our electronics.

While traveling to over 25 countries, we’ve had a lot of time to perfect our packing system. In the next few minutes, I hope to convince you that it’s time for you to start traveling carry on style. Plus, I’ll give you the exact gear we’ve been hauling around the world, so you can get started on the right foot. If you already travel carry on style,  I hope that you’ll also get some value out of this post by browsing through our packing list.

The Top 8 Reasons You Should Travel with JUST a Carry On!
  1. Baggage Fees – Probably the most obvious benefit to traveling with only a carry on is avoiding baggage fees. Airlines charge outrageous amounts of money for checked baggage. You can avoid these fees on most airlines by traveling with just a carry on. Some budget airlines may charge for your carryon, but even then the fees will be less than it is for checked baggage!
  2. Avoid the Check In Lines – The lines to check in for your flight at the airport can take FOR EV ER! Avoid these lines all together by printing your ticket before you get to the airport and traveling with just a carry on. Then all you have to do is walk straight to security.
  3. No Waiting at Baggage Claim – Sometimes bags can take an inordinate amount of time to make it from the airplane to the baggage carousel other times it’s only a few minutes, you never know. When you travel with just a carry on it doesn’t matter. You can walk straight off the plane with your luggage and skip baggage claim all together!
  4. No Chance for Lost Baggage – If you travel on a regular basis there’s a good chance the airlines have lost a piece of your luggage. Lost luggage is a massive pain and can really put a damper on your trip. By traveling with a carry on, you have all your possessions with you at all times.
  5. Easy to Navigate – Lugging heavy suit cases around is a pain in the rear, and it makes travel much less enjoyable. If you’re a budget traveler, traveling with a small carryon is a must! Taxis to and from the airport will bust your budget, but it’s almost impossible to travel on public transport with a big bulky suitcase. Plus, you can avoid paying for transport all together in some places because you can easily walk with your light carry on wherever you need to go.
  6. More Stuff More Worries – The more stuff you bring on trip, the more stuff you have to worry about remembering and repacking. Since you can’t pack too much stuff in a carry on, you won’t have to worry about anything except the essentials.
  7. Save money on souvenirs – It’s easy to convince yourself that you need a cheesy souvenir to remember your trip. Since you won’t have much extra room in your carry on, you won’t have the option to buy that I heart NY Teddy Bear that’ll end up sitting your closest.
  8. Avoid the hassle of re-checking baggage – When traveling internationally there will be a lot of cases where you fly into a country on an international flight and you need to connect to a domestic flight to get to your final destination. If you have checked baggage you’ll need to collect it, take it through customs, and re-check the baggage with your domestic carrier. Avoid the hassle all together by just traveling with a carry on.

Hopefully I’ve persuaded you to join team carry on! I’ve tried my best, but if you like waiting and lines and paying extra fees, feel free to keep traveling with your heavy checked suitcase 🙂

Kara and I have been traveling full-time for the past 6 months. We’ve only traveled with carry ons, and we feel like we’ve developed a pretty good system, feel free to copy it! Actually, I encourage you to copy it. Below is a list of all our travel gear. Product with stars beside them come highly recommended!

….ohhh want to see what Nate & Kara pack and their travel essentials? Comment below and the next half of their post will go up soon!!

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