Kara and I have been traveling full-time for the past 6 months. We’ve only traveled with carry ons, and we feel like we’ve developed a pretty good system, feel free to copy it! Actually, I encourage you to copy it. Below is a list of all our travel gear. Product with stars beside them come highly recommended!

Nate’s Packing List

Osprey Meridian 22*
Osprey Meridian Day Pack
Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

Hurley Dri-Fit Chino’s (2 Pairs)*
Hurley Chino Pants (2 Pairs)*
Nike Frees*
Bison Designs Belt*
6 Triblend T-Shirts
1 Long Sleeve T-Shirt
1 Long Sleeve Button Down
1 Short Sleeve Button Down
1 Under Armor Light Weight Hoodie
10 Pair of 32 Degrees Cool Boxers
3 Pairs of Socks
Rain Jacket

Travel Adapter
Monster 4 Plug Adapter*
MacBook Pro
Canon G7x*
Joby Focus Tripod*
Gopro Session
Iphone 6+

Toiletries: (minus the usual)
Eagle Creek Toiletry Bag
Goo Toobs*
Pack Towel*

Kara’s (Slightly Over) Packing List

Osprey Meridian 22*
Camera Bag off Amazon
Eagle Creek Packing Cubes*

3 Dresses (Black, Printed, Chambray)
1 Skirt (Black Maxi)
1 Romper (black)
2 Pairs of shorts (High-Waisted denim, Black linen)
2 Pairs of leggings
1 Pair of Jeans
7 Shirts (2 Short-Sleeved, 5 tanks)
1 Long Sleeve Cardigan (Beige)
1 Kimono (Beige)
1 Chambray Long-Sleeved Button Down
2 dri-fit shirts (Target Tank, Under Armor Short-Sleeved Shirt)
2 t-shirts
1 Athletic shorts
Rain Jacket

Nike Frees*

Toiletries: (minus the usual)
REI Toiletry Bag*
Goo Toobs*
Aveda Powdered Shampoo*
Downy Wrinkle Releaser*
Pack Towel*

Travel Adapter*
MacBook Pro
Canon 6D
iPhone 6+
mini gorilla pod
External Hard Drive
Head Phones


Additional Tips for Carry On Travel 

Buy It There – The biggest thing to remember when packing in a carry on is that the rest of the world has stores, just like your hometown. Ok, they might not be exactly like your hometown’s stores, but some type of store will exist in every city you visit. You don’t have to pack for every obscure situation that could possibly occur. Just pack the essentials, and if you need anything else you can always buy it when you get there! Shopping at in other countries is a great way to experience the local culture. Plus, what you buy now doubles as a souvenir.

Packing for Different Climates – Packing for both hot and cold climates is challenging. Personally we try to stick to warmer climates because Kara doesn’t like being cold. If you’re traveling for an extended period of time with your carry on, we recommend grouping together your warm and cold travel destinations. That way you can pack for one climate or the other. Once you’re ready to switch climates you can leave behind the clothes that don’t makes sense anymore, or if you’re really attached to them, you can ship them home. Then you’ll have a good excuse to go out shopping for a new wardrobe that is climate appropriate. If you’re worried about the cost of buying climate appropriate clothing, try shopping at a local thrift store. Also, if you can squeeze in a trip back home between climates, that would be an ideal way to switch out your wardrobe.

Pack Things That Go Together – When packing in a carry on, you might not be able to bring your favorite pair of green pants that only go with one specific shirt. Instead, try to pack tops and bottoms that can be mixed and matched to create more variety in your wardrobe.

Bring a Folder – Since you won’t have much room for souvenirs, we suggest keeping fun tickets and receipts to help you remember your trip! Kara carries a little folder to keep them from getting mashed up in our bag.

Shower Caps – Grab the extra shower caps from your hotel room and put them around your shoes to protect the rest of your stuff in your bag from getting dirty.

Dryer Sheets – Throw a couple dryer sheets into your bag to keep you clothes smelling fresh! We’ve also heard that they help to repel bed bugs…

There you have it. I hope you’ve found this guide to packing light both helpful and informative! If you want to watch us travel around the world with just our carry ons check out our YouTube channel here http://bit.ly/karaandnate

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