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I was in London with Louis and Laura a couple of days ago. We were chilling in Battersea park and we thought this could be a good chance to sit down and for Louis & I to do a mini interview. So with people still out enjoying every inch of what the sun could give at 8pm and the birds loudly chirping away, Louis answered some interesting questions on what he got up to before YouTube!

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1) Full Name:

Louis John Cole

2) Did you go to uni and if so what did you study?

I didn’t go to uni; I had a degree course at an art college to do graphic design but deferred it to take a gap year! During my gap year I got offered a really good work experience placement which turned into a job offer! Then I just decided that I didn’t need the degree and at that time I was hanging out with a lot of people who gave me that university vibe like going to parties and I was living with friends so I felt that there was no real point in going to university. And because I was in the industry I wanted to go in to it made sense for me to stay on in the job I had.

3) If you weren’t doing YouTube what would you be doing?

I think I’d still be doing something related to music and youth projects. I had my double decker bus before I started YouTube where I was doing youth projects and working with charities, councils and police to connect with youths from bad neighbourhoods. I actually left my job because I found that I was spending most of my free time doing relational youth work – I wasn’t getting paid for it as I just wanted to help kids out who were getting into trouble; and that’s what birth the idea of getting a double decker bus because I thought it was quite a cool idea for a mobile space to hang out. I’ve even had the police say it was the best youth outreach project that they’ve ever seen. So that was cool and it ran it’s course. Eventually it turned into a business where I was making money to hire out the bus for parties on the weekend. Half youth work and half party bus! I shut it down because I found it quite exhausting but I am actually currently setting up another bus to start something but I’m not sure what yet! ….Yeah, I think it would be something along those lines if I weren’t doing YouTube!

4) What’s the least you’ve ever travelled with? Where? Why?

Umm, Intentionally? Just a small backpack. BUT unintentionally, when I was in Ibiza I actually had everything stolen from me so, for like 4 days I had literally just a pair of swimming shorts and that was pretty much it! JUST swim shorts and everything else was stolen!! Luckily it was hot weather.

5) What’s one place you’ve never been to and would like to visit?

Costa rica is number ONE on my bucket list! It has good weather, chilled vibe and I’ve heard so many good things about the people there. I’m really into that climate! I think it’s got one of the most bio diverse forest in the world there. umm, it just looks amazing! Also, it’s one of the only countries that’s fully renewable energy! I just think that there’s a lot we can learn from Costa Rica.

6) What’s one embarrassing moment you’ve had?

Hmmmm, embarrassing moment? I’m trying to think. I don’t know if I would say this is embarrassing but I guess it was kinda embarrassing. When I got arrested a few years ago, I was on a plane and they called out a security risk over the speakers and they called my name! I was then escorted off the plane in front of everyone. It was more like..I guess it was embarrassing but I just had this really nice conversation the whole flight with this elderly couple and they were like ‘oh this is so amazing!’ and then I was arrested in front of them!! They must of just thought who have they been talking to? A criminal?! I felt like turning around saying ‘This is unusual, I don’t usually get arrested!!’

7) How do you cope with jet lag and do you have any tips?

Oh my gosh. I am currently suffering from jet lag. It’s got worse and worse the more I’ve traveled. I really really struggle with jet lag. I thought I had kicked it within a couple of days but then it just takes one slip up. On Sunday, I stayed up untill 4am and then slept through to 3pm the next day! Also last night I could not sleep, I was laying restless in bed until like 5 in the morning. I’ve tried coffee but apparently I’m suppose to be taking something when I go to sleep which I haven’t been doing. It’s suppose to trick your body that it needs sleep. But no, I haven’t mastered it yet. Instead it’s got worse! I’m a complete amateur with jet lag.

8) Do you see yourself ever settling down in one place? Where?

Hmm, I can see myself slowing down and maybe having a couple of bases and then maybe migrating between those places through out the year. But I can’t imagine having one location. I would love to have a place in California! Also, probably because of the location and most of my family live here I would have a place in the south of England. Also who knows, maybe a place in New Zealand or South Africa. I could imagine moving every couple of months and having a couple of bases chasing the sun!

9) What’s been your favourite Adventure?

This is hard because there’s been lots but one that springs to mind that I would rate as one of my best was last year for my birthday we went to New Mexico and we did a 4 day like ranch/horse trek trip with myself and 4 of my friends. Dave, Mike and Steve. It was just every part of a recipe that makes an amazing holiday! Adventurous, best friends, amazing scenery and it was just everything I wanted!

10) What does live the adventure mean to you?

I think it’s about embracing your life! It’s whatever that persons passion is. I think people are afraid of pursuing their passion, they’re afraid of doing something that’s breaking out of the ordinary things that are expected of you. A lot of people just fall into what societies played out for you – this is the correct and successful path. I think being adventurous is stepping out of the safety zone and sometimes it’s about facing your fears. It’s all about embracing your life to the fullest! I think this looks different to different people. But that’s definitely my message is to live your own Adventure!!


I hope you enjoyed the little snippet into what Louis got up to before YouTube, got to know him better and his view on Live the Adventure!

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