Louis started his vlogging adventure in 2012 and is now sitting at #1 on WatchMojo.com for his dedication to travel!

About Louis

In 2012 I began my YouTube journey, never imagining that it would lead to the physical journey I am now taking around the globe, adventuring with friends and documenting the beauty of what I get to experience – from the treetops of jungles to the ocean floor, from the rush of a city to the silence of the desert.


One of themost exciting parts of what I get to do is share with an audience of adventure-lovers and travellers – some who are out there living their adventure, and some who know it won’t be long before they’re out there experiencing the world in some way. I love the community that has come from this path I’ve taken: the conversations I get to have at meet-ups, the emails, the tags on social media. You guys are so much of what makes my life so cool!

So I decided I needed a space where I could interact with you a bit more. Show you a little bit more of what goes on around Fun for Louis, let you meet some of the other people in my life, see the adventures I’m dreaming of taking, maybe read a bit more in depth about places and experiences, and even give some travel tips and advice (like how not to miss your flight…!). But morethan that, I wanted a space where I could hear from you guys, where you could interact with each other, and where we could see how people all over the world are “living the adventure” in their lives – and that means you!


So whether it’s participating in the Instagram challenge, sharing your story through a story or video, or joining up to the forums when they are added to the page, I’m really looking forward to the FFL community getting together to share what LIVE THE ADVENTURE means to you.