Hello everyone!


My name is Nadine Sykora, or online I’m known as Hey Nadine. I make travel videos, travel vlogs, give travel tips, guides, advice and hacks. I talk about food, life, and  sometime I like to be funny 😛


I started making travel videos back in 2010. I had just finished university and I wasn’t quite ready to settle down and get a “real” job. I had this deep need to go travel, to set off and try something new, to see another part of the world I’d never seen before.  Eventually after saving up for 6 months, I set off on a working holiday to New Zealand armed with a trusty video camera. There I decided to vlog my travels, mishaps and adventures, and share it with internet and on social media. I loved it so much I decided to keep travelling, and keep vlogging, to where I am today. Now, 6 years later I’m using all the skills I’ve learnt from my 48+ counters of travel experience to teach you guys and gals, how to do that same. Plus, creating entertaining travel videos full of wanderlust, comedy and inspiration to continue sharing to the world.

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Travel has taught me so much, and inspired me to reach for the sky and to not be afraid of the world the media tells us to fear. I’ve gained a confidence in myself I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten if I’d just stayed home. So, it’s so lovely to meet all you fellow LTA travellers, wherever you are on your travel journeys. Just know that everyone starts somewhere. Do what you can and dream big, the most important part is making that decision to say YES and GO. I can’t wait to see your personal adventures and stories unfold. I know you won’t regret it! xx  – Nadine

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