Firstly, I’d like to say a big ‘Heeeeeey’ to everyone at the LTA club. This is such a great platform to share and trade stories with like-minded people across the globe who share the same passion for exploring this beautiful world that we are lucky enough to call home!

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I thought that I would write a brief post to introduce myself to everyone, what it is that I do and what my plans are for the future. I’m a 24 year old born and bred Cape Townian, South Africa, and am lucky enough to call this down south place my home. Let’s skip to the year of 2010, my final year of high school, a year where you have to start preparing for life outside of your comfort zone and where your only concerns for the future were weekend plans. When the time came to choose what was next for me, or more specifically, what I was going to study at university after school, the thought of not having the slightest clue of what I wanted to study was overwhelming & scary, especially as many of my friends seemed to have it all together, they had a plan and a direction whilst my path seemed to have a large boulder in front of it and with no way to get around.


In January 2011, I went to England to work at a junior boarding school on a gap year in the hopes of attempting to figure out which career I wanted to pursue when I got home at the end of the year. I spent the year working long hours for peanuts as pay and every moment in between was spent with a network of friends that we had built up and traveling around Europe with the little money that we had saved up during the term and with friends that had soon become my family. It was the most carefree, reckless but best year of my short life so far and when it was time to come home, I found myself even more perplexed as to what I wanted to pursue. One thing was certain, the travel bug had bit.


It was soon time to come back home, back to the ‘real world’ and I enrolled at the University of Cape Town in a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology, Environmental & Geographical Sciences and Film & Media. I had a really great three years at university however I knew that I didn’t want to go into one particular field that I had studied, despite loving and being interested in my courses. During my last year at university, Ben had hung up his paddles and retired as an athlete and had taken to daily vlogging and social media, and naturally being a part of his life, I started experimenting with photography and started a blog on the sideline documenting any thoughts that I had about life and my local travels around South Africa. After finishing a post-grad degree in branding at the end of last year, this year is my first year of being ‘self-employed’ and for the first time pursuing a path that I was clear and passionate about. I was obviously very lucky, (as many of us are), considering that I had a significant audience already built up on YouTube, as well as other social platforms, which I decided to take hold of instead of pursuing what seemed to me as a mediocre, badly-paid branding job behind a desk. I was given a big opportunity, a big step up & I wanted to take it. So that’s where I am at this year, I’m capturing my travels and life in between on YouTube and hoping to spread some positivity, some inspiration for young girls or women who want to travel independently. It’s such a male dominated area online, whereas females tend to sway towards beauty & fashion, two things I’ve never quite had deep feelings for, and so I wanted to break away from that, and share my love for adventure and travel and get a little lost in the world taking whoever wants to come online, with me.


As for the future plans…the best part about this ‘job’ is that you have no idea what tomorrow will bring!



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