Hello everybody I’m David, aka Davlorito.
I’m a Filipino who grew up in Germany – and man do I love to travel.
It’s most probably the desire of many to travel, but we all know that money does not fall down from the sky.

Here are a few tips on how I manage to travel as much as possible:



  1. PLANNING | Travel Destination


Let’s say I decided I wanted to travel more, then starting today I will already plan ahead where I would like to go. I will check with different airlines, sites, and blogs when the peak seasons are – and I will NOT go during those seasons. Of course there is a reason why people tend to go to certain places in particular months, but we are trying to save money.
Once I have found a great deal I check with different sites and airlines to see who has the best offer (keep in mind, the cheapest is not always the best choice).


Moving on to the next step.
Due to the great geographical position of Germany, for instance, there are very many countries around it. So, I often choose not to fly to another country but to just go by car and have a road trip. While this may not be an option for all places in the world, you can still check which cities are near the place you want to visit and then just rent a car, get good train/bus deals…etc. In other words, I try to see beyond the poster in front of me – I don’t want to simply see what the place of my destination has to offer but also which cities and places that are near and on the route to it.
We do want to travel as much as possible remember? 🙂

In January I traveled to Carlsbad and Prague in the Czech Republic, went back to Germany for a day and then traveled north to the Netherlands to Amsterdam. On the way back home I had a few stops at different German cities.


Another example is my July road trip of this year.
Starting point Stuttgart, Germany. First stop Lucerne Switzerland, then drove to Milan Italy explored the city and Lake Como the following day. The next stop was Nice France. The stay there was a bit longer so there was enough time to explore the city, Èze and Monaco. On the way back home I spent a night in Lausanne in Switzerland.


Back to planning the trip. Now that I know which places I want to visit I have to make a time table how long I will be staying at each place. Not every place is somewhere you want to spend the night, YouTube videos can be a great help to see whether a few hours are enough or an overnight lay over is necessary. (Then again it’s up to you and your interests).
Give yourself enough time between different stops, you don’t want to rush through your trip. Let’s say you have 3 places you really want to visit, plan in the smaller places you will only “walkthrough” in between those, that way if you ever get too stressed or something comes up you can simply skip it and you don’t lose any money for any bookings.


And though a well planed trip can give you assurance, remember anything can go wrong. So just go with the flow and also be a bit spontaneous when you are traveling.





A traveler on budget has to learn to save up. When I want to fly overseas I am aware that in most cases a plane ticket will be more expensive than a road trip. So instead of starting to save up then I developed a strategy during my teenage years.
I would of course work and from my earnings this is what I spent: I give 10% to the Church, I pay my bills, and get essentials I need for living (the newest PS4 game or newest fashion trend is NOT included) and from whatever is left I put aside 50%. I am basically only allowed to spend half of the leftover money. It may not seem a lot at first but over time you will see how much you are able to save up.
And I know what some of you might think, if you don’t use the 50% of the leisure money you may not spend more the next month. Same rules apply every month.


Maybe my strategy does not work for you, what is important is that you learn to control yourself when it comes to spending money during your everyday life.





I am still a full-time student so my earnings are sometimes not sufficient. In order to save up I either travel with my family, relatives or friends or I visit them. That way I save a lot on accommodation and I don’t have to think about hotels, apartments, etc. Another plus factor is you get your personal tour guide. It’s always great to experience places through the eyes of a local.
If you don’t want to stay at a friends or relative I prefer Airbnb, but couch-surfing is also an option (at your own risk) and of course always keep your eyes open for good Hotel deals.
However, this method is not for everybody so just try out what best suits you.


6. Sponsors & Contests


Personally I have never been sponsored before, but I have seen many YouTubers who have been sponsored by agencies, airlines, companies…I would say just try your luck and send an E-Mail saying you would like to travel and that you will document it through YouTube, Instagram, a Blog and so on. It’s a win-win situation, you get to travel and they get their promotion. Don’t underestimate the power of social media and the magic of writing a sincere E-Mail.


Contests on the other hand are great, if you are creative like I am you will find tons of competitions on the internet that will sponsor a week’s travel for the winner. Currently I am joining a contest to win a trip to South Korea, all I had to do was submit a creative Video on Korea. I am now one of the finalist – keeping my fingers crossed.



I will leave you with these tips for now. The best advice that I can give to you is to do your research it has always paid off in my case.


Other than that I wish you all a good morning, good afternoon, a good evening wherever you may be. – David
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