To be honest, I’m not really a “plan-your-travel” fan. But i wont lie, one need to have some visibility on how to get there from here, about the best dates, best deals etc… It can be pretty useful if you are short on money, on time (or on size). There are plenty of possibilities on the internet; it’s quite difficult to choose the best one, that’s why I came up with a short list of websites ( flight search engine, travel planer) aiming to make it easier for you to travel the world.

So, how to plan your trip on a budget? Here it is:

Are you ready?


1 –

This website is awesome due to its simplicity: discover how to get anywhere! You just need to fill-in the place you are traveling from and the place you are traveling to. It will show you all the different possibilities: from buses, to flights, to car ride and the different possible prices (will it be the real price that you will, in the end, have to pay? I don’t know).  They implemented the website with an accommodation and car rental service. Traveling has never been so easy!



2 – Skyscanner

I loved skyscanner for one reason – which is a genius reason: you can put the place you are leaving to … nowhere: just put “Flexible?” and find out where you can go, for the best price. It makes your travel unexpected, surprising and offers you more flexibility! I found how to go to Scotland thanks to it so… Go for it!



3 – Google flights

Our lives without Google…  Google flight is great! I highly recommend it! Put your destination, your dates and find out if you can find cheaper deals a day before or a day after. In my opinion, google flight finds you the best deal from the start. The good point with the website is that they find you the EVEN BETTER GREAT DEALS!

Google Flights:


4- Kiwi

The same principle as Google flight. However, i find this one much more accessible and easy to use. Put your departure and arrival places, find the best deal, play with the days, the map on the right, pack your stuff, go to the airport, fly and do not come back!


Share with us if you have some other ideas!



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