Hello LTA.Club family!!

If I haven’t met you yet, I’m Rachael and I’m the community and social media manager for Live The Adventure Club. I have great fun reading your e-mails, connecting with you and sharing all the good stuff that happens on livetheadventure.club!

I wanted to share a quick post on my thoughts about travelling.

What does it mean to travel? To many of us, to travel is to hop on a plane and cross-oceans to get to our destinations. There’s a certain thrill we get out of seeing new places; the smells, food and environment. It’s just so catchy and you can find yourself very quickly having Wanderlust! But I don’t know about you, I can’t always finance or have enough time for this hobby! Do we really need to travel that far to call it an ‘Adventure’? So, I’m interested in the local hidden spots we have around us. Have you found a special place that’s local to you not many people know about?


I will start us off with this photo that I took at the Medicine Gardens. I had no idea this place existed until just the other week when I was on the hunt for a new place to hang out and drink coffee. The Medicine Garden is a walled garden in Surrey where you can eat, drink and relax. It’s a beautiful place hidden away! Their food is absolutely delicious – from homemade soup, bread, to creamy ice creams! Once you’ve filled your belly with great food, you can pop into the Art Shed. They have a collection of local artist’s work that you can purchase and if you’re lucky you may see some of the artists working on a piece! If you’re a little bit interested, take a look at their website and plan a visit. Oh, and guess what? They’re open all year round! http://www.themedicinegarden.com



I want to see your local hidden spots. Whether it’s a secret little restaurant, vast green countryside, mini waterfalls or a beautiful place to watch the sunset. Tweet @livetheadvnture (or use the comment section below) your photos, tell me why you love it and I will re-tweet them and perhaps we can inspire each other to see the little things in life as well as the big! Use the hash-tag #LTA.club

Let’s have Wanderlust for the places that are close to home and equally just as beautiful. 

I’m excited to hear all about your local adventures!



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