Raya, JP and Rachel have answered some questions about life with and on “Fun for Louis”. Who else would you like to hear from in Louis’ life?

1. Full name
Raya Encheva

2. How did you meet Louis and how long ago?
I met Louis at the end of August 2014. He was flying though New York on his way back to London and had only a couple of days in the city. He was actually staying with a friend in New Jersey when he came over to my apartment to visit my roommate, Lily Lane. That first night that we met we played Clue (or Cluedo for all the Brits out there) and we had a lot of fun! We invited him to stay with us for the next two nights since we lived in Manhattan so it was much closer to everything. The next day he brought all of his things to our apartment and we spent the weekend walking through the city and getting to know each other. We’d stay up so late chatting and finding more and more things that we had in common. Last year, on the one year anniversary of the day we met, we actually found ourselves playing Clue again (totally by accident!) so we’re thinking of making it a tradition and playing every year on August 27th.

3. How often do you get to see him now? What countries do you see him in the most?
Louis and I get to see each other for about a month or two at a time and then we usually go about a month of not seeing each other in between. It’s really difficult being apart but it just makes me appreciate our time together so much more. We’ve been to 17 countries together so far, spanning over 5 continents, and we have so many more exciting trips planned for this year! We’ve definitely spent the most time in the United States, especially since I was living in New York for almost a year after we met so he’d come to visit me there, but we are looking forward to exploring so much more of the world together!

4. What’s something you know about Louis that we might not know?
Something you might not now about Louis is that somehow he is watching and keeping up with at least 5 TV shows at all times. I have no idea how he does this as he is so incredibly busy and he always stays up so late editing his videos and I honestly never see him watching them but then we’ll get in a conversation with someone and Louis will always be completely up to date on every TV show they mention. No idea how he does it! Also, he always sneezes in 3s. Seriously, every time. It’s so weird!

5. What’s been your favourite adventure with Louis?
Wow, it’s actually so difficult to choose one adventure. I’m going to have to choose my top two – our trips to Jamaica and New Zealand. I think those two stand out to me because we were in such incredibly beautiful places and it was just us two driving through the country. The thing is, I don’t have a licence yet so Louis always has to do the driving but since he’s usually so busy filming/editing all day every day my favourite times with him are when we go on road trips and we can just chat as he’s driving. No distractions, just hours of great conversation that would almost be impossible to naturally happen with our crazy lifestyle. We’re also both happiest amongst nature and both of those countries are so naturally beautiful and peaceful. I’ll never forget those trips.

6. Do you enjoy being ‘on camera’? what’s good about, what’s not so good?
I’ve never had a problem with being on camera (and I’ve been on his vlog since literally the moment we met… seriously, that moment is on one of his vlogs!) I think mainly because Louis’ viewers have been so nice to me, that’s actually what inspired me to start making my own videos! It seemed like such a warm and welcoming community to be a part of. It’s great to know that I have a chance of making an impact on someone. If I can just inspire one person to have a more positive outlook or to break out of their comfort zone and go on trip or to just open their eyes and hearts to the rest of the world and to realise that we’re all connected and there are no barriers between us, everything would be worth it. Being on camera in front of so many people is a platform to spread love and to make someone smile, and I’m so grateful for it. The hardest thing about it is the judgement that it opens your world to and the pressure I put on myself. Of course the more you open your world up to the internet the more people feel as though they can leave terrible comments about every aspect of your life. That is such a small minority though and I still feel incredibly lucky to have such a loving and supportive audience. In terms of the pressure I put on myself, I am very tough on myself in terms on the content I produce and I often feel as though my videos aren’t good enough and I’m letting myself and my viewers down. I’m working on this though and learning to give myself some room to breathe and grow through this incredibly journey.

7. What’s your background, where are you based?
I was born in Bulgaria and lived there until I was 10 years old. I then moved to the U.S. and spent the next 8 years living in Boston and New York before moving to London for University. I moved back to New York for a couple of years after Uni and since May of 2015, I’ve been free! I’m not based anywhere and I’m completely free to travel full time and I have nothing holding me back to any particular place. I know it’s not a lifestyle for everyone but I love it and I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me.

8. What are you into/pursuing now/working in/doing with your life?
I’m currently vlogging and sharing my travels and journey through a few social media platforms. I have so many ideas of things I want to start and places that I hope this career takes me but at the moment I’m just enjoying learning so many new skills and learning so much about myself in the process.

9. What is your biggest passion in life?
I think my biggest passion in life is just making the most out of the time that I have. I’m so conscious of how short our lives are and I just want to remind everyone that there is so much for us to be doing than gossiping, working overtime so that you can afford that insanely expensive handbag or spending hours every day watching television when you don’t even have anything that you want to watch. I’m not sure if that counts as a passion but its the main thing I think about and it’s the reason why I travel so much and why I’m always consciously trying to be the best person I can be.

10. How do you “live the adventure”?
I used to think that ‘living the adventure’ meant doing crazy things like cliff jumping or scuba diving but I’m not sure of that anymore. I think it just means going for your dreams and making something happen if you want it to happen. That could mean backpacking around the world or it could mean making time to spend with your family or fully treasuring a beautiful walk with your dog. I don’t think there is one way to ‘live the adventure’, as long as your heart feels full after you’ve done something, that’s you living your own adventure.