For us, travel is realizing that this world is all we have and, even though it’s huge, it’s also small and amazing and begging to be discovered.


You can hop on a train and go from warm, sandy beaches to snow-capped mountains. You can fall asleep on a flight out of Tokyo and wake up in the African jungle. You can drive 10 hours across the US and still be in the same state or 10 hours through Europe and pass through 5 different countries, each with their own language, culture and customs.


Seeing the world with your own eyes makes you realize how beautiful and accessible it is and makes you appreciate your role in it so much more.


Hi, we’re Allison and Eric Bieller, the wife-and-husband duo from The Endless Adventure! In our previous life, Allison was a recruiting coordinator for an online clothing company and Eric was the co-founder of a funded, remote-working startup. We were “living the dream” in San Francisco with our steady jobs, two cats and sunny studio apartment. We were doing all the things you’re supposed to do on your path to adulthood.


But it wasn’t making us happy.


For years we had talked about selling it all and living a nomadic lifestyle. But, of course, daily life has a way of helping you forget about your dreams so you can make more money and buy more shiny new things.

Finally, we’d had enough. We realized that life was living us instead of the other way around and we needed to make a big change. So we told our inner voices – you know, the ones that say you’re making a big mistake – to shut up.


We quit our jobs, sold all of our shiny things and decided to just go. Where exactly? We had no idea. We just knew we wanted our lives to be full of adventure and we were going to find it!


Flash forward to today, and we’ve been on the road for 8 months, vlogging for 6 months, and homeless for 3 months. And it feels amazing!



Contrary to what our moms might think, The Endless Adventure isn’t a permanent vacation. In fact, vlogging, blogging, doing contract work, keeping up with social media, travel planning, and constantly packing and unpacking is so much more work than our regular lives back in San Francisco ever were!


But even though it’s crazy stressful at times, when we travel, we feel like we’re truly living life to the fullest.


Travel is about getting out of our comfort zone and realizing we’re so much more capable than we ever imagined. Because inevitably you’ll miss your train and get stranded in a foreign country with no cash and a dead iPhone. You’ll panic or cry (or both), but you’ll get through it somehow and come out stronger than before (and probably invest in a portable phone charger).


After all, our greatest life experiences don’t happen when we’re comfortable. When our time on this planet is coming to an end, will we remember that time we binge watched an entire season of House of Cards? Or will we remember the time we conquered our fear of heights by sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon with our legs dangling over the 5,000 ft drop?



Sure, our beds may not always be comfortable and our backpacks may be way too heavy, but we’re having a blast riding bikes down bumpy cobblestone streets and trying to order lattes in foreign languages.


Travel allows us to connect with people from completely different backgrounds and circumstances. We both grew up in a small town in Missouri and needless to say, there wasn’t a lot of cultural diversity. This could have made us super closed-minded but instead it gave us a deep curiosity and desire to interact with others and get a glimpse of the world from their point of view.


Before we started this journey, most of what we knew about other cultures came from television shows and news reports. Now we’re actually seeing it all for ourselves and replacing these digital images with real experiences.


Travel is a way for us to tap into our creative and curious sides. In our previous lives, every day was basically the same: work, happy hour, netflix, repeat.


The most exciting decision of the day was usually what we were going to eat for dinner!


Now, we’re trying to decide what country to go to next week and if we should visit a castle or go for a hike in the mountains. We’re constantly researching destinations and challenging ourselves to experience all that we can in every situation.


Travel is seeing history with our own eyes. It’s one thing to read about the Berlin Wall, but to see it for yourself and touch it with your own hands – it makes you really understand and appreciate its role in history.


We’re happier, smarter, stronger, and more adventurous all because we made the decision to travel. Our biggest hope with vlogging our journey is that we’ll inspire others to step outside of their comfort zone and start living the adventure.


This doesn’t mean you have to quit your job and sell everything like we did. It’s up to each of us to find adventure in our own lives. Book that trip you’ve been putting off. Rent a car this weekend and just drive. Go to Burning Man. Hike up a mountain. Don’t settle for Netflix on the couch.


Get out there and start making memories!


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