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Recently I was introduced to the One World Futbol and I’m SO glad that I was. With the world’s eye’s fixed on the olympics I thought this could be the perfect opportunity to share this awesome ball with you too!

Football/Soccer is the world’s game. It’s a language we all share. No matter where you are, you can pull out a football/soccer ball — even better if that ball won’t break within minutes, hence the ultra-durable One World Futbol — and start playing with the locals. Football/Soccer can provide hours of smiles, laughter and connection with people you’re meeting for the first time and / or friends you’ve known for years.


Mexico.Chino Zenteno


One World Play Project is a company aiming to bring play to all communities, especially disadvantaged communities, around the world. They believe play can change the world! Unfortunately, in many places play is disappearing or altogether nonexistent. Through their everyday work and their upcoming Make Life PlayFull campaign, they want to change that. Here is something I ‘copied & pasted’ from their website as I feel it sums up what I want to get across …

Play is in our DNA. At One World Play Project, we’re turning the world into a field of play. The benefits of play are almost immeasurable. Play empowers and connects us. It enables hope, opportunity and optimism. To us, there is nothing more essential than play. Play doesn’t just belong on the schoolyard—it heals and rebuilds communities devastated by war, disaster, disease and poverty. Through play, we help individuals and communities thrive and transform themselves and the world. There are many benefits of play.


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Through our Buy One, Give One and Give Balls programs, we give ultra-durable One World Futbols to organisations, schools and others working with youth in refugee camps, war zones, disaster areas and inner cities, to name a few. To learn more about where your purchase goes, view our current campaigns below.


Can I travel with a One World Futbol??

Perhaps one of the best reasons to take the One World Futbol along on your adventures is that it will never need a pump and never go flat, even when punctured. It will play and survive in environments with rocks, thorns, pieces of broken glass, etc. And if it rolls into the street and a car runs it over, it’ll re-inflate and continue to play. No matter where you’re playing, the One World Futbol can take a beating and keep going. How awesome is that?! Oh AND there’s never a bad time to play. You can play pretty much anywhere and everywhere. With the One World Futbol, when you’re bored, you have something to play with. In between flights, at a bus stop, waiting for a table at a restaurant, before your next tour or adventure, you’ll always have something to do.


Haiti.Angela Maria Nardolillo


Wanna know more about THE BALL? Click this link ABOUT THE BALL

I will say, when it comes to the One World Futbol and travel, the downside is the fact that it doesn’t deflate. It’s the same size as a standard football/soccer ball, but unlike a standard soccer ball, it won’t compress in your luggage. That said, you can always travel with the ball and then leave it behind with the children in one of the communities you visit as a gift. What better legacy to leave than the gift of lasting play?

Below are a few videos you can watch to inspire you and to find out more about this amazing project!!


My friend Martin spotted the One World Futbol as I was working last week and couldn’t help himself but had to play with it! Brilliant!

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Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset


We want to support One World Play Project so make sure you tweet a photo of your One World Futbol to @livetheadvnture – we love seeing them in action!



( PS. Big love to Emily who helped write this post and who does amazing job at One World Play Project! )



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