We’re often asked what our favorite places have been from our travels. It’s always tough to answer because there are so many things we’ve loved about every place we’ve visited! So, we thought about it for a while and came up with a list of our favorite places and experiences from the past year.

WARNING: We are not responsible for any impulse trips you book while reading this.

Iceland’s Golden Circle

Iceland was hands down the most beautiful country we’ve visited. We stayed in Reykjavik and honestly weren’t initially sure what all the hype was about (sorry, Reykjavikians!). But then we rented a car and drove about 15 mins outside of city on the infamous Golden Circle and it all made sense.

Iceland’s landscape is beautiful and strikingly different in each direction. From geysers to waterfalls to hot springs, it offers some of the most varied and amazing views, all within a day’s drive!

For even more inspiration, you can watch our video compilation from the day, check out our exact itinerary and get a taste of Iceland with us.


The view of Reykjavik from the top of Hallgrimskirkja church.



Kerið, a 6,500 year old volcanic crater. Who knew 6,500 looked so good?!



Driving along Iceland’s Golden Circle.



Gamla Laugin, aka the Secret Lagoon. Not captured: the fairly strong sulfur smell 🙂



Gullfoss Falls. Not captured: the incredibly amazing sound of all the rushing water!


Innsbruck, Austria

A few years ago, we watched a youtube video of a man flying down a mountain on an alpine coaster without any brakes and knew instantly that we had to try it! The only problem: the coaster was located in a small town in the middle of Austria. Flash forward to this past summer and there we were standing in line at the foot of Serles Peak in Austria, buying tickets for Mieder’s Mountain Coaster!

Not only did we tick something amazing off our bucket list, but we also had the chance to stay in and explore the nearby city of Innsbruck, Austria which immediately became our favorite city so far! You can read about why here 🙂



Mieder’s mountain coaster in Mieders, Austria.



View from the top of Patscherkofel mountain in Innsbruck. There are benches all along the mountain that offer some pretty great views and photo ops!



Hiking the Zirbenweg trail in Innsbruck. Pro tip: there’s a pub along the trail called Boscheben which has delicious food and beer! So make sure you stay hungry and thirsty on your hike 🙂



The incredibly adorable city of Innsbruck, Austria.


Southern France

In June 2016, we did an epic bus trip through southern France. We started in Bordeaux and ended in Nice before heading off to Milan. During those few weeks, we hiked the tallest sand dune in Europe (the Grande Dune du Pilat), scaled the calanques outside of Marseilles, and took the most terrifying and beautiful bus ride through the Gorge du Verdon (often referred to as the French Grand Canyon). It might be cheating to lump these all together, but we couldn’t pick just one place from France!!


The calanques near Marseille. Pro tip: make sure to wear sturdy shoes and not flip flops like us. The trail down is incredibly steep and rocky. Not captured: the insanely frigid temperature of the water!



The city of Castellane with views of the incredibly blue, Verdon river. I like to imagine the water’s actually just a huge melted blue popsicle. Mmmmm!



Dune du Pilat. Not captured: the horrible sunburns we got that day and how exhausting it was to hike back up the beast of a sand dune.

Grand Canyon

Before we set sail (literally) for Europe, we did a pretty epic road trip around the US. We actually drove a whopping 10,000 miles from January to March. We saw a lot of amazing things along the way, but the Grand Canyon was by far the most epic sight.

We visited the southern rim and still maintain it’s been the most grand (for lack of better word) sight we’ve seen! (No captions needed.)




West Texas

Like southern France, we couldn’t pick a favorite spot in Texas. So instead, we’re going with all of west Texas! 🙂 We’ve visited central Texas, specifically the Austin area, more times than we can count and have driven all over northern and eastern Texas, but this was our first time driving west. It’s definitely not for everyone, but if you’re a fan of the odd and unique, then it’s a good bet you’ll find it fascinating.

The spots we loved most were Bandera (cowboy capital of the world), Marfa (a remarkably tiny and artsy town in the middle of nowhere with supposed UFO activity), Big Bend (one of our favorite national parks) and Terlingua (a strange and quirky ghost town on the Texas-Mexico border).


View from the top of the Lost Mine Trail in Big Bend. (This is our “hey Mexico!” stance.)



Riding horses in Bandera.



Country road outside of Marfa, TX. The sky and roads go on for days out there!



Prada Marfa (which is technically in Valentine, TX – super misleading, we know!).


One great thing about traveling with no real agenda is that you get to travel to random locations based on other people’s recommendations. That’s how we ended up in Taxco in Mexico. Our friend was turning 30 and invited us to celebrate with him in Mexico City. We were in Munich at the time and didn’t think it’d be feasible to get down to him. But after some research, we found a series of cheap flights and made it work. And it ended up being one of our favorite spontaneous decisions!

Not only did we get to explore Mexico City, but we also did a day trip to the small silver mining town of Taxco. It was unlike any city we’ve seen. The tiny town is built into the side of a mountain with streets so small that VW bugs are the only cars compact enough to fit down them. Despite being small and secluded, it was buzzing with people and street vendors and offered some pretty amazing views!






Dubrovnik’s Old City

One of the first cities we visited in Europe was Dubrovnik which is located on the southernmost coast of Croatia. Often referred to as the “Pearl of the Adriatic” and used as the backdrop for King’s Landing in Game of Thrones, visiting the Old City is like stepping straight into medieval times. If you visit, make sure you wander away from the crowds and down the alleys. Every one we strolled down surprised us with hidden bars, cafes, gardens and friendly cats.  






So there you have it! Our top destinations from our past year of travel – and we’ve only barely scratched the surface!

We hope these amazing destinations inspire you to get out and explore the awesome things this world has to offer whether they’re just down the road or oceans away.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on the road 🙂



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