Hey guys!

A HUGE warm welcome!! We’re excited to announce that livetheadventure.club is officially here and live! We’ve been working hard on the Live The Adventure Club and we really hope it’s a place where you can be inspired to create your own adventures, gain travel knowledge and connect with each other!

I’m Rachael and I’m the community and social media manager. I’ve had the privilege to read all 300+ of your e-mails we’ve received and WOW you guys definitely don’t hold back. The energy and creativity was and is great!
On behalf of the Live the Adventure Crew we’d like to say a BIG thank you to all 15,000 of you who have already joined the Club and the countless number of you who sent in ideas of what you’d like to see on the Live The Adventure Club. Our aim is to make this a place for YOU and for what you want to see on here. If you have missed out on the details and you’d like to share your thoughts with us please do e-mail us at ideas@livetheadventure.club and I will read each one!

Take a peak below at some of the ideas we have worked on because you’ve asked us to….

  •  Sarah because you said you’d like some Top Tips on how to travel Eco Friendly .. Green Pop has written our first guest blog who are an Eco Friendly charity! Go over to our ‘Blog’ section now and check it out!
  • Alex you mentioned you’d like to have New YouTubers collaborate so we’re pleased to say there’s a ’New Creators’ page. Where we will be featuring new travel YouTubers who we think are awesome! (If you’re a New adventurous Creator and you’d like to be featured please e-mail your YouTube/Channel to ideas@livetheadventure.club !!)
  • Ben you suggested we had an interactive way for the community to share their Adventure photos. So please start using the hashtag #LiveTheAdventureClub and we will re-gram/re-tweet our favourite ones and credit your account!

Because we had 120+ great ideas (eeeek! Crazy!), we can’t implement all of them right away so we’ve made a whole new section on the site called ‘Ideas’. This will be a place for all your excellent ideas, thoughts and to keep us all up to date with the things we’d like to make happen. Make sure you click on the ‘Ideas’ button top right hand corner and have a look right now!

Louis and the Crew are looking forward to being able to pass on their travel top tips and to get to know you and our online travel community better!
Keep sharing your adventures, stories and ideas with us.

Rachael & Live The Adventure Club

E-mail: ideas@livetheadventure.club

Twitter: https://twitter.com/livetheadvnture


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