Why you have to visit Madagascar.


This summer I visited Madagascar and I was absolutely blown away by my experience.


It’s certainly fair to say that Madagascar has had a pretty rough history, the combination of several military coups, heavy flooding and cyclones have resulted in the country struggling to develop.


But it’s lack of development is what gives this country such an incredible charm.


The roads are pretty terrible, and there are only several tarmacked routes in the country the rest are dust tracks. This means that getting anywhere is an adventure and even a 20km drive can turn into a three-hour journey.


The terrible transport infrastructure leads to lots of tourist being turned off by the idea of visiting Madagascar, the sheer challenge just to get a bus can seem like a brick wall. The popular form of travel is taxi brousse, these are mini buses which are packed to the brim and usually you will have a chicken on your lap…This is great if you have the time to travel, because you can visit some of the most stunning places on earth without seeing a single other tourist.


One of the most special things about Madagascar is the wildlife, especially the lemurs. These primates can only be found here, and the country has over 100 different species. I think the thing that is so special about seeing these lemurs is that you can get really close, and spend hours just staring at them. Seeing these gracious and beautiful animals make you really feel like you’re in a David Attenborough documentary.


The other awesome mammal I saw was the humpback whale. Between June and September large groups of humpbacks migrate past Madagascar. They are some of the most fascinating creatures in the world, and their size is just unbelievable.


If your going to visit Madagascar, your going to have to understand what ‘Mora Mora’ means. It’s translates to slowly slowly, and I think it’s fair to say that it’s a main ethos of Madagascan life. Madagascans do not rush, and as soon as you relax and respect that your meals going to take two hours to come or that your buss will be three hours late. You will get on just fine with Madagascan life.


It’s an incredible place, the views are breath taking, the people are some of the most wonderful I’ve ever met and It’s a place where you are certainly not short of having an adventure.


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